WOW! HVAC Membership

Stop paying $169(or more) per System for AC Maintenance & Inspections

Get all your AC systems checked starting at $19.95/month with WOW!**

Paul's Automatic Air Conditioner Maintenance Plan features two annual AC and heating inspections that keep your home comfort systems operating at peak efficiency, saving you time and energy.

  • Up to 15% OFF Parts & Labor

  • Priority Appointments & Scheduling***

  • Extended Warranties on Parts & Labor

  • Bi-Annual Tune-ups (A/C & Heating)

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Beyond the Tune-ups


If your home has multiple heating and air conditioning systems, you can already see how WOW! pays for itself with the first HVAC system tune-up. With Paul's, value always goes much deeper than price – Value has to include quality and customer experience. Such is the case with the WOW!. The value of WOW! will only increase if you ever have an emergency repair job. Paul's offers Preferred Scheduling & Pricing exclusively to WOW! Members.


Start your WOW Membership now. It’s only $19.95 per month. When you do, you will join the thousands of satisfied Paul's customers who enjoy the peace of mind brought by these monthly heating and cooling system tune-ups.

Here’s What You Get with the WOW! Plan:

Front of the Line VIP Scheduling

Should an emergency arise with your heating or air conditioning systems, you will receive priority scheduling at no additional cost during business hours.

Up to 15% Savings on Service

Enjoy discounted pricing on parts and labor. We will tell you the cost in advance, so you don’t have to watch the clock or worry about surprising fees.

Spring/Summer AC tune-up

We perform a 30-point inspection and tune-up on ALL your Air Conditioning systems, no matter how many!

Fall/Winter Heating tune-up

Paul's licensed technicians run a 29-point inspection and tune-up on ALL your Heating systems.

Automatic scheduling

Paul's will track your HVAC system tune-ups and contact you to schedule these maintenance visits.

Included Air Conditioning Maintenance & Furnace Inspections


Our factory-trained, professional Service Technicians will provide the following multi-point annual safety inspections including:

Summer/Spring AC Inspection

  • Check inside Cooling Coil, if accessible: Build-up on the coil reduces the system’s ability to cool, making your air conditioning run longer, increasing energy consumption and raising your cooling costs.


  • Inspect Primary and Secondary Drains: A clogged condensate drain increases humidity levels and can cause ceiling damage.


  • Check and Clean Condenser: Foreign material on the condenser reduces the system’s cooling capacity. A dirty coil will increase your cooling cost by 50% or more, and can shorten the life of your air conditioner.


  • Check Operation Pressures for Proper Refrigerant Charge: Improper refrigerant charges – too much or too little – can damage the compressor and will cause high electric bills, and reduced cooling capacity due to efficient equipment operation.


  • Adjust Blower Components: Proper adjustment of blower and components is necessary for adequate airflow to assure maximum cooling performance.


  • Monitor AC Cycle: Our trained Technician will assure that the air conditioner is cycling properly.


  • Monitor Voltage & Amp. Draw on all Motors: Motors are designed to operate at standard voltage and amperage draw. By measuring amperage draw, problems can be identified before the unit fails.


  • Check and tighten all Loose Electrical Connections: Loose electrical connections are a common source of problems which cause your electric parts to fail and your air conditioner to become inoperative.


  • Clean and adjust Thermostat: To ensure even temperature control for your environment.

Fall/Winter Heating Inspection

  • Adjust Blower Components: Proper adjustment of blower components is necessary for adequate airflow to ensure your furnace can deliver maximum heating capacity and efficiency.


  • Check & Test Safety Controls: Safety controls are essential for the proper protection of the unit and your home.


  • Monitor Furnace Cycle: We will assure that the system is cycling properly, and that controls are calibrated correctly.


  • Inspect Gas Pressure: Proper gas pressure will ensure the most efficient and safe burner operation and reduces energy costs.


  • Check for Cracked Heat Exchanger: As furnaces age, cracks can develop in the heat exchanger, which can allow dangerous gases (including carbon monoxide) to enter your home and endanger your safety. We will thoroughly inspect accessible components of your heating system to determine if this hazard is evident.


  • Monitor Flue Draft for Safe Operation: An obstructed flue will cause products of combustion to enter your home.


  • Adjust Heat Anticipator Settings: The heat anticipator in your thermostat determines how often your furnace cycles and will affect the cost of operation, as well as the comfort level.


  • Check & Adjust Ignition Operation: A properly adjusted ignition assures that your furnace will start reliably all winter.


  • Adjust Air Flow for proper Temperature Use: Properly adjusted blower speed will ensure efficient and reliable furnace operation and comfort.


  • Check and tighten all Loose Electrical Connections: Loose electrical connections are a cause of equipment failure.


  • Monitor Voltage & Amp. Draw on all Motors: Motors are designed to operate at standard voltage and amperage draw. By measuring amperage draw, problems can be identified before the unit fails.


  • Clean & Adjust Thermostat: To ensure even temperature control throughout your home.


The $19.95/month only covers the bi-annual service and cost of membership.  Any additional repairs are not included and will cost additional with WOW! Membership discounts being applied at a maximum rate of 15%.   


**For residential customers only.  For commercial memberships, please contact us at 775-312-3030.  Price  is for one furnace and one AC per service.  Additional units may be serviced with additional pricing.

***Priority scheduling for standard repairs & emergency services only. Does not include WOW! Maintenance/Tune-Ups which are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis and subject to availability and weather.

*Limit to one furnace and one air conditioner per visit.  If you would like to add additional units please contact us for pricing.